Editing options with Sleeklens

Question – Do you edit your images ? Answer – Of course I do.

Editing your images in the digital age is almost as big a part of the process as image capture. In a way the  Digital RAW file, just like an “old fashioned” transparency needs to be processed to bring out the nuances of colour and tone.


Just like a traditional  slide where the exposed dyes were chemically  processed to reveal the photographers inner vision, a digital file also needs to be processed and nurtured. The digital darkroom edit is vital to reveal the colours and tonal relationships the photographer witnessed, reacted to and chose to compose.

Both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are powerful tools used to process and edit your images. I have various methods and workflows depending on the type of image and location. This can be a steep learning curve for some. So sometimes we need a little inspiration and help along the way. Customised editing presets and brushes are great way of experimenting, learning and creating new ways of breathing life into your images.

Having options and room to create and experiment are a valuable part of the photography experience. I recently  started experimenting with Through the woods presets and brushes created for landscape photographers by SLEEKLENS as part of my workflow for some of my images. Once downloaded and easily added to the Lightroom platform they form a useful link to creative effects, colour and exposure adjustment. The Glencoe image above was edited in Lightroom CC using a combination of Sleeklens presets and brushes.

The additional customised landscape presets create a global edit to the image with a wide variety of effects. The custom landscape brush presets on the other hand allow you to be more specific and selective to parts of the image with a huge range of useful creative colour and tonal adjustments. Used together with the conventional Lightroom tools they form a wide range of creative options.

The key here is combining the tools, learning and becoming familiar with the effects. Like every skill it takes a little time to master. The Sleeklens Presets I use are specially designed for the landscape photographer so they can form a useful tool in aiding  the pursuit of creating your own individual style and creativity.

You can check the range of Lightroom presets here https://sleeklens.com


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