Matching my personal vision – Six of the best from 2016

The 6 images featured below, weren’t taken such a long time ago, but I still never cease  to enjoy looking at them.  It’s a fact that sometimes the more we acquaint ourselves with our own creations the more we tend to view them with a critical eye.

Familiarity  breeds contempt ?

Thus removing the initial emotional  response or as Galen Rowell put it “the emotional connection and impact” that caused us to react and capture the  image in the first place.

This may explain why some images remain as favourites while some quickly lose their appeal as we seek out the technical flaws. Maybe the images below are just closer to the “intentionality of the artists [my own  ] experience” or in other words match our inner vision of what we set out to achieve?.

1.Knox Gorge, Karijini – Western Australia  2. South Iceland 3. Pienza dawn – Tuscany

4. Elgol Beach, Skye – Scotland  5. Gondolier – Venice  6. Vestrahorn – Iceland












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