Sideways Rain

Location  Glen Brittle ,Skye

Monday saw us experience driving, sideways rain, and low cloud at around 150 -200m, but we still got out there and had a go. Soggy feet, soaking lens tissue, and sodden camera bags all added to the drama of mist and waterfalls pouring from the hidden Cuillins above. All day we managed 2 shots and even they were ordinary. So  late on we retired to the Slig hotel to dry out, compare notes and pray for better conditions the next day. In all truths it has to be the wettest conditions I’ve experienced, omni directional rain, it was like having a fire hose set on spray and shoved in you face all day.

This is all I got, straight out of a soggy but reliable Nikon thru the rain. It took a lot to get this, its average but its an achievement in itself! Note several waterfalls, (there’s usually only one) Tip, use good dry bags (pod sacs) over your gear, plenty lens tissue (kept somewhere dry), 10 mins per shot and someone with good patience and a brolly to assist!!

Waterfalls Glen Brittle, Skye


With the rain easing and clouds lifting things began to improve. However we still encountered frequent showers and buffeting winds along with a hail storm  just moments after this shot of the Old Man of Storr was taken. At least we managed to catch good light on and off (just before the squawls and after) and take in the Quiraing later in the day.

The old man


One response to “Sideways Rain

  1. Soggy it may have been, but the other member of this wet-through duo is besotted with Skye. The landscape seeps into your psyche with the rain and stays there to warm up your spirit. Grab your wet weather gear, your camera, tripod and lots of lens tissue, and reserve a space on Glen’s next trip to Skye. I’m already planning a revisit. Thanks Glen for an introduction to one of the truly wonderful places on this planet.

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